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Keenan Morris

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. A first-generation college graduate, Keenan Morris did not always intend to enter the finance and investing industry. In fact, he graduated with honors from Morehouse College 
in Atlanta, Georgia, with a degree in the health sciences. However, like many graduates, Keenan not only left school with a degree but also with massive student loans and debt.

After years of feeling stuck behind a desk, he decided that something had to change in his life. So he left his position in corporate management and began his career in finance immediately after earning his investment and securities licenses. Now a husband, and father of two, he understands the financial hardships that many hard-working people face every day.

With over a decade of both personal and professional financial experience, Keenan is a member of Forbes BLK and the founder and CEO of Level Up Consultants, which coaches investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to grow their assets while minimizing taxes. Whether he's speaking at colleges, business forums, or financial seminars around the country, Keenan has a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences regardless of age or financial position. 

From the financial novice to a seasoned investor, these financial mentorship sessions are designed to elevate you and your team into the confident and successful investors you were always meant to be.

To request more information or reach out to one of our team members for booking details click the link below.

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